We lead through vision, setting industry standards and inspiring others.


Integrity is our core, driving transparent, ethical practices at all levels.


We foster innovation, continuously seeking better, sustainable solutions.


Compassion drives us to care for our environment, communities, and people.

Fostering a Zero-Emissions Society

Pioneering Circular Technology for Sustainable Progress

Endeavor Recyclers, guided by the ethos of 'Empowering Circular Economy,' stands as a trailblazer in circular materials technology.

Our profound expertise in material science, chemistry, and metallurgy perfectly aligns with our overarching goal of nurturing sustainable value.

Committed to innovating, producing, and recycling materials that epitomize our mission: 'materials for a brighter tomorrow,' we lead the charge in propelling global mobility transformation, meeting the escalating demand for advanced materials, and fervently championing a worldwide circular economy.

With 'Circular Mastery' as our cornerstone, Endeavor Recyclers forges ahead, unwavering in our commitment to pioneer circular technology and foster sustainable progress for a better world.

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Research-Driven Innovation

Our commitment to research fuels continuous innovation, allowing us to stay at the forefront of sustainable solutions.

Technology Integration

We embrace cutting-edge technology to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and drive environmental sustainability.

Adaptability for Sustainability

We evolve with changing landscapes to create sustainable pathways for the benefit of our country, planet and clients.

Partnering for innovative sustainability
with Indian & Global Brands

Endeavor's Green Offerings

Green Services Portfolio by Endeavor Recyclers

Explore our diverse eco-friendly services: E-Waste Recycling, Metal Recycling, Plastic Recycling, Battery Recycling, and Precious Metal Extraction. Each service embodies our commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management.

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e waste management recycling

E-Waste Recycling Solutions

We recycle e-waste, minimizing environmental impact, and recovering valuable

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E-Waste Recycling Solutions
metal recycling corporation

Metal Recycling Expertise

Our metal recycling services ensure resource recovery for a sustainability driven

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Metal Recycling Expertise
Plastic Waste Management

Recycling Plastics

We transform plastics into a renewable resource, contributing to a greener

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Recycling Plastics
Precious Metals Recycling Company

Precious Metal Extraction

We extract valuable metals with precision, supporting sustainable resource management.

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Precious Metal Extraction

Industries benefiting from our solutions

Positive socio-economic impact

Consumer Durables

Elevate durability with our sustainable materials solutions for consumer goods.

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Transforming metal recycling for a cleaner, more resource-efficient future.

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Precious Metals

Harnessing ferrous, non-ferrous, and precious metals for sustainable progress.

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Breathing new life into plastics, fostering a circular approach for a greener world.

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recycling waste management
Rethinking processes to provide sustained value

Driving Sustainable Innovation through Research and Technology

At Endeavor Recyclers, research and technology fuel our sustainable solutions, pushing the boundaries of circular materials technology.

Research Excellence

Our dedicated research teams explore cutting-edge solutions and pioneer eco-conscious material production and recycling techniques.

Technological Advancements

Our state-of-the-art technology infrastructure ensures precision in materials extraction and recycling processes.

Sustainable Innovation

The synergy of research and technology allows us to offer sustainable solutions, shaping a greener, more circular future.

Advancing Environmental Impact

Our commitment to research and technology drives us to minimize environmental impact and lead by example in eco-conscious practices.

green waste disposal
Join Our Green Revolution

Welcome to Endeavor Recyclers, where innovation meets sustainability. We're leading the charge in circular materials technology, shaping a world where sustainability isn't just a buzzword but a way of life. Join us on this eco-conscious journey as we empower a zero-carbon society and pioneer circular solutions for a brighter, greener future. Together, let's make a lasting impact on the world we share.

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From Waste to Value

Our Three-Step Recycling Journey

Materials Come In

We collect end-of-life materials for eco-friendly recycling and sustainable refining.

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We Recycle Them

Experience efficient recycling, from pure metals & plastic to the complex residues.

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We Provide Value

Choose to reclaim your metals/ plastic/ residues, or let us facilitate their sale for you.

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